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A fundamental struggle inside all of us provides inspiration for our new Allianz Ireland brand campaign

A fundamental struggle inside all of us provides inspiration for our new Allianz Ireland brand campaign

Our new campaign for Allianz celebrates the insurers’ longstanding sponsorship of the Allianz Leagues through the lens of a deep human truth: that courage and fear are the biggest motivators in life.

There are few emotions more debilitating than fear. It can prevent us from taking up a sport we’re interested in, pursuing a passion, or even connecting with another person. Courage, on the other hand, gives us the power to take chances, to learn and connect.

Our centrepiece film tells this story through the device of a personal scoreboard, running from birth and counting the ‘points’ as we face key moments of fear vs courage.

“People achieve things in their lives by being courageous,” says Rob McEvoy, Head of Market Management at Allianz Ireland. “We want to encourage people to move forward without fear and live their lives fully, knowing that if things go wrong, Allianz will be there to support them. This campaign builds on previous campaigns where we told the stories of Minister Donogh O’Malley and Paralympian Ellen Keane. 

“Both were faced with major moments when they could have given in, but instead chose to stand up and be counted,” adds Rob. “We see courageous moments in every Allianz Leagues game nationwide and wanted to show how a small moment of courage can change everything. That’s why Allianz has supported the Leagues for 28 years. It can help us find the courage to live our lives fully.”

Damian Hanley, Creative Director at In the Company of Huskies, adds: “There are two great forces in our lives that are constantly battling it out: fear and courage. We all grow up learning how to find the courage to overcome fear. This is learned through experience. But the lessons that could take years to learn in life can be learned in weeks through sport, and one of the best training grounds is the Allianz Leagues. That’s why Allianz has supported it for 28 years.”

The film was accompanied by a teaser OOH campaign showing the fear vs courage scoreboard, as well as a bespoke-shot vertical version for social channels.

“Allianz is there to support us whether we face big or small choices that impact on our lives,” says Damian. “This new campaign underlines the message – We cover coverage.”

Client – Allianz
Rob McEvoy – Head of Market Management
Valerie Hedin – Marketing Communications Manager
Joseph Campbell – Marketing Executive

Creative Agency – In the Company of Huskies
Damian Hanley – Creative Director
Sarah Deeny – Client Service Director
Jane Madden – Planning Director
Nick Kelly – Senior Art Director
Greg McLoughlin – Senior Copywriter
Philly Byrne – Content Director
Ciarán Walsh – Senior Producer
Kritika Verma – Senior Account Manager
Nicole McMahon – Senior Designer
Emily Blaney – Designer

Production Co. – Motherland
Director – P.O.B
Producer – Keith Bradley
Exec. Producer – Ross Killeen
Director of Photography – Narayan Van Maele
Post Production – Motherland
Editor – John Cutler
Sound Design – Brian Fallon
VFX – Jonathan Irwin
Grade – MPC
Colourist – Yoomin Lee

Sound Design & Mix
Mark Richards @ Mutiny

Music licensing
John McCallion

Gosh by Jamie xx

Neil Macdougald

Talent: Teneo
Rob Pearson
Lucas Hennessey