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End of the Dark Ages: Facebook & Twitter Update

End of the Dark Ages: Facebook & Twitter Update

As a result of the investigation into the US 2016 election, Facebook and Twitter will no longer be supporting ‘Dark Ads’ on their networks. It was discovered that Russian hackers were malignantly targeting ads at users with the intention of creating discord within the country. The intention behind these measures is to allow the public clearer knowledge of who is behind the creation of these ads, how long they’ve been running, and why an individual user was targeted for a specific ad. Users can also provide feedback to Twitter and Facebook directly if they’re displeased with an ad.


Facebook is beginning to run tests in Canada this month, where a ‘View Ads’ feature will be shown on an account’s page. Facebook announced the creation of a searchable database where ad history will be available for a duration of four years. By Summer 2018, the program will have expanded to the US, with the process being complete by November.

Twitter has already started developing their Transparency Center, which will initially begin in the US and eventually roll out worldwide.


  •   Promoted Only Ads will continue to run on both platforms, which means that Advertisers will continue to have the option to promote content outside their social pages.
  •   We can now see a more complete view of competitors’ social strategies, and therefore can adjust our marketing efforts accordingly.
  •   We will also be able to track competitors’ performance more clearly than before, and can provide a more detailed comparative analysis.
  •   Since dark posting previously allowed brands to A/B test content before publishing it organically, brands will need to be more conscientious when creating content, so that it looks and feels appropriate to their intended audiences and aligns with their brand message.
  •   As consumers will be able to provide feedback on any advertising ad, whether they have been targeted by the advertisers or not, this also serves as a great research tool to agencies and brands who want to understand people’s response to certain ideas that could be controversial.

We at Huskies believe this is a positive change to the industry. Where there existed no real transparency before, we can now provide better ads to our users while monitoring your company’s digital performance more accurately. Since this is a new development, Huskies will be at the forefront of providing any updated information to you. We will also notify you of any developments or changes in processes on our end.

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