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Huskies kill off Richard and Roy to spread a message of tolerance, for charity BelonG To Youth Services.

Huskies kill off Richard and Roy to spread a message of tolerance, for charity BelonG To Youth Services.

We know it seems a little cruel to kill Richard again 500 years after he died in battle, but we thought it was the kindest thing to do. As for Roy, well he is an Irish leprechaun figure, so we killed him too.  Because you see, these two have lived for far too long in the minds of every child who tries to remember the colours of the rainbow. There are seven colours in the rainbow – Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. So to help children remember the colours, Richard of York is dug up in schools all around Ireland and the UK in the mnemonic: Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. And Roy pops into most schools in America, announcing his name: ROY.G.BIV.

So at the very moment children are learning about the rainbow, they are thinking of Richard who fought in a battle, or a guy in a pointy green hat.

The rainbow is a symbol of tolerance and equality around the world. We reckoned it was time to update those mnemonics, and reinvent how kids ‘Remember the Rainbow’ with a more positive message. So we thought of one.

Respect Others You Grow By Including Variety

From a very early age, children are aware of differences, so it is a perfect time to give them a story that celebrates diversity. The idea behind the campaign is to foster tolerance, open-mindedness and respect among kids in their formative years. A perfect message for BeLonG To Youth Services, whose mission is to create a world where all young people, including LGBTI+ youth, can feel safe and equal without experiencing any discrimination.

We then made a story about it – THE COLOURS WHO DIDN’T WANT TO MIX. The colours in this story didn’t like colours that were different, and things didn’t go very well for them. In the end, just when things couldn’t get any worse it starts raining, but then the sun comes out. And they see when all the colours are together it creates one of the most beautiful things in the world – a rainbow.

We launched a website with fun activities and teaching worksheets. We also are beginning to translate it into other languages, so that the message of the rainbow can stretch around the world.

We know Richard’s battle was in vain, but by being killed again, he may help win the battle for equality and tolerance.

Rest in peace Richard.