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Interrogate the product until it speaks

Interrogate the product until it speaks

Some people think creatives don’t like data.
That we turn our noses up at it.
Or it ruins the creative spark.

But great creatives like anything that shows an insight.

The best most useful line I have ever heard about this business is
“Interrogate the product until it speaks.”*

We live that line in Huskies.

The insight lies in the bowels of your client’s product.
In the interviews.
In your client’s customers.

And in the data.

Data is one of the most powerful tools of the interrogator.

It’s like hooking the product up to a lie detector test while sitting in an electric chair.

It’ll tell you everything.

The only problem is sometimes the product starts speaking in Excel-ish.

We just need people who can translate and show us the gold.
Thankfully we have them in Huskies.

Our recent Londis campaign was born out of data.

Our analytics team decided to mine the sales data of every store over the last year.

Going the through the data was great fun.
(I never thought I’d write that line.)

Some of the results were fascinating.

Like Carlow buys the most curry powder. And indigestion tablets.  Which kind of makes sense.

Or that Donegal buys the most custard, and rubber gloves.
Maybe the less said about that the better.

Or that Kilkenny spend more on their dogs, than cats.

Or that Roscommon does love Mayo.

And Longford buys the most Marmalade. But least bread.

Which made us wonder what they do with it?

In fact, every shelf in Londis was actually a display of local knowledge.
Every store reflected the community it was in.

The campaign practically wrote itself after that.

Well, not quite. But you get the point.

We had an interactive map of the country where you could click on your county to see what the locals bought the most of.  https://www.londis.ie/londisindex/

We created fun social posts about the data we found.

And yes, because TV happens to be still the strongest medium for this target,

we created funny award-winning TV ads.




In Huskies, we bring together deep digital DNA with creative firepower.

Or Magic and Machines for short.

I witnessed a moment on Londis where creatives were staring at an excel spreadsheet, laughing with the analytics team.

This was a brilliant moment of Magic, staring at a Machine.

That counts doesn’t it?

PS: I’d like to congratulate Rothco this month in Cannes. Great result and good for the whole business here in Dublin. At the heart of JFK was a very simple idea. You could explain it to someone in 5 seconds. A great reminder of the power of a great idea.


*I am crediting that expression to Robin Wight, founder of WCRS.