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Kerrygold Campaign Spreads the Word of Life out on the Pasture

Kerrygold Campaign Spreads the Word of Life out on the Pasture

Generations of families across the world have loved the taste of Irish butter. It’s true that Ireland has a unique dairy system which is used as a USP by butter brands up and down the land. That’s why we are very proud of our latest campaign in which we teamed up with Kerrygold. “The True Taste of Kerrygold” builds on the great tradition that Kerrygold adverts from down the years have had. Our Kerrygold ad is an update on a true Irish classic.

The campaign of the Week

The Kerrygold advertising campaign, which included the creation of a multi-market digital toolkit that showcases Kerrygold’s superior taste and quality, was awarded campaign of the week in the Irish Marketing Journal and will reach an audience worldwide of more than 36 million.

We are proud to have partnered with Kerrygold for such a wide-reaching campaign and glad that the awards keep coming, building on our 2018 AdFx award for Nissan Micra, our recent recognition from Best Ads on TV for our Londis local campaign as well as two awards (Gold and Bronze) at the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide Globes Awards for Suas and Nissan.

How did we do it?

To say we went out to the grass-roots for this campaign would be accurate (if a bit neat). We aimed to understand the difference that Irish dairy has and where it comes from first.

Secondly, we interviewed and shot video telling each story we uncovered from Irish Kerrygold farmers; each story from a different perspective but with a common thread of not settling for anything less than producing the best dairy. (A bit like us and advertising, then!)

Housing the series of stories on Kerrygold’s high-traffic website in the shape of bespoke pages was a further step that we took to ensure the campaign would have an international reach and be digitally engaging. The three pages we designed – Our Farms, Our Way and Kerrygold Live – communicate the virtues of Irish dairy farms and parade the produce.

This campaign is one Kerrygold advert that is truly ready for the digital age. Check out the campaign here: https://kerrygold.com/ie/grass-fed/