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Londis Local Campaign gets Global Recognition

Londis Local Campaign gets Global Recognition

The Huskies team is thrilled to have gained global recognition from the prestigious Best Ads on TV website for their recent Londis Local campaign “Like a local”.

Per Pedersen – Global Creative Chairman at Grey in New York – was guest judge for the site’s latest Six of the Best spot. Needless to say, here at Huskies we’re delighted Per chose our recent Londis local campaign work as runner-up. Commenting on the accolade, he noted that “in the age of Amazon, it’s nice to know that there’s still a local grocery that never runs out of fake tan, deodorant and tissue on school disco nights. I hope Londis will always be there for the locals.”

As Per has rightly identified, the local convenience store is being squeezed by big ‘out-of-town’ retailers and e-commerce stores, who compete on price and convenience. Increasingly, the result is the sad demise of the local retailer; often a beloved figurehead in close-knit Irish towns and villages. How can these stores compete? Well, this was the challenge Londis set for us. They had a line, ‘Local; like you’. But we needed to make it land with locals in a way that would really resonate. So, we set out to ‘prove’ Londis was local.

londis local campaign microsite

Data is increasingly playing a greater role in informing our work and campaigns. With this in mind, we set about examining the sales data from every Londis shop in Ireland to identify local behaviours and shopping patterns. The result? A wealth of data that told a unique story about each county in Ireland.

We took this data and created communications customised for each county. We made 26 different pieces of online and in-store creative, having fun with each county’s findings. We made two TV ads about two local stores, as well as a micro-site that allowed people to see what their county was buying most of. We entertained Londis customers in a way only locals could!

But there was a very serious point at the heart of it all: Londis know what locals want, because they’re local, like you.