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Would you look at The State of Us

Would you look at The State of Us

Here at Huskies, we’re a very diverse crew. Our team members have come from all walks of life, some from the artistically creative, others from the logical and analytical, but all of us share an innate sense of curiosity and discovery. Which is why we are delighted to have two of our own Huskies participating in Illustrators Irelands ‘State of Us’ exhibition, opening this Friday (June 16) at Dublin’s Chocolate Factory.

A snapshot of the Irish creative community, the group show in association with Offset will feature 90 illustrators, painters, as well as graphic designers and art directors taking on the task of creating portraits of each other.

Meagan Hyland is one such creative. As well as being one of Huskies talented art directors she is also a talented artist who has had her work exhibited in Dublin, Los Angeles, San Diego and New York. A movie nerd with a love of lettering, she has designed licensed prints for Twentieth Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Cartoon Network and Disney as well as the Light House Cinema here in Dublin.

While Meagan doesn’t usually do portraits, she was intrigued by the State of Us brief and excited by the challenge of capturing the personality of her sitter, whom she’s very excited to meet.

Our producer Ciaán Walsh is also no stranger to illustration, having headed up Le Cool Dublin’s online zine for years. Always highly regarded, the mag would give upcoming illustrators a fantastic platform in the form of the Le Cool weekly cover.

When asked about how he approached the brief he said that he procrastinated for way longer than he should have before finally deciding on a method of approach and roping in his whole family in order to meet the deadline.

Venue: The Chocolate Factory, Dublin
When: June 16, 7.30pm