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Why Mobile Needs To Come First

Why Mobile Needs To Come First

According to Zenith Media’s Forecast for 2016, mobile internet consumption will increase by over 27% this year as all other media usage is set to decline. With mobile technology transforming the way we consume and interact with almost everything, agencies need to start putting mobile first.

Source: Mobyaffiliates.com / Zenithoptimedia.com            Source: Mobyaffiliates.com / Zenithoptimedia.com


In the five years since mobile began outselling PC’s, there has been a fundamental shift in scale with which our beloved pocket devices have experienced growth. There are now 2.5 billion smartphones in the world (in addition to 500 million tablets) and it is expected that this figure will grow to over 5 billion by 2020. With the entry price for Android just under €50 in Ireland and all networks offering competitive unlimited data packages, the barriers for new mobile users are rapidly disappearing.

This radical change is not simply correlated to screen size or software innovation, but rather the creation of a new tech ecosystem; one where each consumer owns a globally connected device and each day gradually start to let it function more heavily in their lives. We can see how mobile is profoundly reshaping and redefining the ways in which we communicate and especially, how we consume and receive online content.

Source: Statista 2015


In May 2016, “Chewbacca Mom” Candace Payne skyrocketed to internet fame after her mobile Facebook Live video went viral, quickly reaching over 150 million views. While internet commentators discussed how unlikely a candidate for a record-setting video this was, what remains interesting about the clip was how genuinely it captured a completely unscripted moment of an otherwise typical domestic scenario. This contribution to the live mobile streaming space and its lightning virality proved that audiences are increasingly drawn to content appearing as instant, imperfect and unaffected, “true slices of everyday life”. The irony won’t have been lost on big brands and it’s likely mobile will play a vital role in creating these future moments.

When Bill Gates once declared that “personal computers have become the most empowering tool ever created”, could he have imagined the myriad of ways in which our mobile devices would today overtake and accelerate this by visibly and tangibly touching and improving our lives? Everything from the widespread takeover of vertical video (both National Geographic and News Corp have both finally embraced the format) to the rise of mobile wallets (Irish customers can use their phone’s FTC chip to top up their travel LEAP card, even securely storing their payment card information for instant transactions) to the increasingly spontaneous opportunities for travellers to book both flights and accommodation (Ryanair recently announced its target is for 50% of all flights to be booked through their mobile app by the Autumn, while travel discount site Hotwire reported that 40% of its bookings are made by travellers in their final destination).


The upcoming 2016 Olympics is guaranteed to be a spectacular showcase for cutting edge mobile technology with NBC & Samsung to provide immersive experience virtual reality coverage of popular venues and events during Rio 2016 for customers and real-time, user location-based information service available for those situated in the Olympic village. Meanwhile on-board beacon technology is already being rolled out on double-decker tourist buses in cities like New York and San Francisco to target sightseeing visitors. This type of ‘geofencing’ runs mobile ads in conjunction with larger ads that appear on buses and across billboards along the routes driven and has seen results immediately beat the average industry engagement by 587%. Finally, Facebook have just begun to introduce new tools to encourage mobile advertising directly to smartphones. “If a company doesn’t become expert at mobile marketing, they will be at a competitive disadvantage,’’ says Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president for global marketing solutions.

The rate of disruption is faster than anything we’ve ever seen and marketers are having to rethink and rewire their business models.’’

Source: Mobilemarketingmagazine.com

So what should agencies be doing to put mobile first? Here are 4 key considerations.

  1. Putting mobile experiences at the forefront of everything you do. This means encouraging clients to stop underestimating mobile ad spending and imparting your knowledge to show how mobile advertising can be used to better potential. Beacon technology may not work for every client but it’s important to acknowledge the digital landscape is changing rapidly. Optimise content for mobile use – 50% of video views are happening on these devices so add subtitling for silent mode on autoplay videos.


  1. Look to personalisation of devices to build advocacy. Increasingly and as our phones become more like extensions of ourselves, customers want to see devices reflect their interests and personalities in more nuanced ways. As Huskies reported last month, we are now in the age of Messaging Apps and ChatBots while brands like Starbucks have rolled out a personalised app which integrates mobile order & pay, features personalised offers based on order history and even shows what music is currently playing in your local branch.


  1. Use the superior ease of access to customers to bring unique content and help create a better experience, ultimately improving consumers lives. Think of how personalisation, touch, sensors, cameras, location and payment security can all be incorporated to bring a better experience or brand offering to customers, enriching their experience.


  1. Be ready to embrace new networks and technologies. Who would have thought a year ago that Cadbury’s would be spending half of one brand’s digital budget on golden disco ball lenses for Snapchat or that Pokemon Go would sweep the world at record pace?!


To conclude, we’ve included a brilliant live infographic documenting some examples of mobile growth, courtesy of dealsunny.com :

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