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Spreading the Love with LowLow and stop-motion

Spreading the Love with LowLow and stop-motion

This summer, Huskies client LowLow released two exciting new products; dairy-free spreads made with avocado and coconut oil. These tasty options would allow users to opt for a healthy spread alternative, without compromising on taste. They both hit shelves in early May, and Huskies set in motion a launch campaign on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels.

But in order to really bring the spreads’ ‘tree to tub’ stories to life – and to show how they can be used in baking, cooking and spreading – we also decided to make a piece of compelling content for each spread.

Like our previous LowLow video ‘From Farm to Plate’, below, the Huskies design team chose to producing hand-rendered illustrations which would be brought to life through a process of stop motion, creating quirky and charming short story animations.

LowLow – From Farm to Plate from In The Company Of Huskies on Vimeo.

LowLow’s primary audience is female. So we wanted to create something unique and whimsical with a feminine twist in order to delight this audience, whilst simultaneously communicating that the new healthy LowLow spreads are made with real coconut oil and avocado oil. Crafting is a huge trend right now on Pinterest so we thought why not play on this trend to reach LowLow’s predominantly female audience.

Animation Process

Firstly we established a visual style of illustration for the client. We wanted to create something humble, something that perhaps our viewers felt they could create themselves! It was important that the style clearly represented LowLow’s new packaging design for their dairy-free spreads, as this was a new product launch, and that the visual style communicated the clean-eating lifestyle that the spreads offered.


Next we created a series of hand drawn illustrations, carefully cut out with tiny scissors and photographed to create a storyboard.


Then the real work began, bringing the illustrations to life! By subtly moving the illustrations by hand, we captured hundreds of frames that would be edited together to create the final animation.


We brought the stories to life by combining the captured stop-motion animation with additional motion graphics, sounds effects and music. You can see the finished videos below…

LowLow Coconut Oil Stop Motion from In The Company Of Huskies on Vimeo.

LowLow Avocado Oil Stop Motion from In The Company Of Huskies on Vimeo.