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Launch the new Nissan Micra in the Irish market and recruit more people into the brand to ensure future growth. While the new Micra was an incredible looking car, the perception of the Micra couldn’t be worse. This is best summed up by a press review of the previous launch: ‘No one ever aspired to own a Micra. You just ended up with one if life didn’t go your way’.


We developed a market-specific emotive campaign ‘NO MORE NICE CAR’ showcasing how the Micra was not going to be pushed around anymore. At the heart of the campaign was a short film featuring Isabel Lehane, a 15-year-old taekwondo champion. The message was clear – there’s a new car in town.


The Nissan Micra doubled its share from 5% to 10% and outperformed other European markets. The campaign also won the ADFX Grand Prix.

The Mission

Change perceptions for the launch of the new Nissan Micra and recruit a younger audience.

The Solution

Don’t ask for respect, earn it.

The impact

Doubled market share compared with every other European launch.