Apache Pizza delivers a world’s first-ever Augmented Reality St.Patrick’s Day Parade Game.

Apache Pizza’s Irish brand platform is ‘We love EXTRA”. To celebrate the return of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival after two years of pandemic restrictions and the new extra-long bank-holiday weekend, we created an Augmented Reality St. Patrick’s Day Parade game that you can play on top of your pizza box.

The game challenged players to help an Apache Pizza delivery person to dodge their way through the busy parade to deliver pizza on time. Players collected over 33,000 gold pizza coins in the game which could be traded for discounts on their next pizza order.

Our ‘Extra Parade Delivered’ game is uniquely Irish and is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It allowed everyone to enjoy the parade experience along with their favourite tasty pizza.

Being extra is an attitude that has generosity at its heart, it says I’m going to give it everything I’ve got and I’m not going to hold back.

It’s all about being fun, confident, unique, independent and secure in yourself.

With these TV spots we’re celebrating and highlighting Apache Pizza’s love for all things extra. Whether that’s living the extra way of life or giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy extra ingredients, extra flavours, and great new super extra pizzas.

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Kerrygold recognised that a number of its competitors were communicating less compelling attributes more compellingly through digital.

To combat this encroachment and strengthen their brand equity, Kerrygold wished to reclaim its Irish grass-fed credentials and do so in a manner that would be owned by and synonymous with the Kerrygold brand.

The solution

We developed “The True Taste of Kerrygold”, an interactive content platform and flexible multi-market digital toolkit that communicated and extolled the virtues of Irish dairy farming. Using video, 360 footage, and real-time data we brought audiences closer than ever before to life on an Irish farm.


The digital content to date has been seen by over 36 million people worldwide resulting in a significant increase in top of mind awareness, brand differentiation and message association, cementing Kerrygold’s position as a grass-fed product.

In April 2019, it was announced that Kerrygold had become the first Irish food brand to exceed €1 billion in annual retail value. Huskies continue to work with Ornua Foods on a global scale to support and breathe digital innovation into their core brand messaging.

The Mission

Beat the competition and retain our price premium.

The Solution

A sustained grassroots campaign about… yes, you guessed it, grass.

The impact

The first Irish food brand to exceed €1 billion in annual retail value.