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4 months to launch a Caribbean Telco?
No worries.


The mobile market in the Bahamas had been a monopoly until 2016 when the Bahamian government opened the market to competition.

A new provider ALIV was born and Huskies was tasked positioning and launching this new brand in a way that would connect with an audience unfamiliar with competition in this category.


We go to know the market and our research revealed Bahamians as aspirational people who felt hemmed in by the current provider’s effect on their lifestyles. They were fiercely proud of what made their islands and culture different.

We positioned the ALIV brand around the concept of freedom to live life as Bahamians wanted to. Working with New York design agency Infinia to create a colourful, locally-inspired visual identity, we developed a comms campaign that would bring ALIV to every part of the island chain.

It incorporated everything from the website and apps to TV, radio, print, social, merchandise and POS

The brand was launched at a press conference by the country’s Prime Minister Perry Christie, and every year since launch, Huskies have partnered with ALIV to develop Summer and Christmas omni-channel campaigns, along with an always-on paid social strategy.


In just three years since launch, our work with ALIV has helped to transform the telco market in The Bahamas, establishing a 38% market share and making it a brand now firmly embedded in the vibrant hearts and minds of the Bahamian people.