Project: Apache Pizza

An EXTRA parade, delivered

Apache Pizza delivers a world’s first-ever Augmented Reality St.Patrick’s Day Parade Game.

Apache Pizza’s Irish brand platform is ‘We love EXTRA”. To celebrate the return of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival after two years of pandemic restrictions and the new extra-long bank-holiday weekend, we created an Augmented Reality St. Patrick’s Day Parade game that you can play on top of your pizza box.

The game challenged players to help an Apache Pizza delivery person to dodge their way through the busy parade to deliver pizza on time. Players collected over 33,000 gold pizza coins in the game which could be traded for discounts on their next pizza order.

Our ‘Extra Parade Delivered’ game is uniquely Irish and is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It allowed everyone to enjoy the parade experience along with their favourite tasty pizza.