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Becoming ALIV

In 2017 we helped ALIV with a full 360 degree launch including brand and communications strategy, digital product builds and creative campaigns. In 2018, we worked with ALIV to create a number of key campaigns that sought to build on that foundation and position ALIV as an integral part of Bahamian life.

In the summer we launched ‘Promises fulfilled’ where we focused on the idea that by keeping a promise we can open our world to new experiences – meaningful experiences. We told the story about a business that launched over a year ago. A business that promised to change the way Bahamians lived their lives forever through innovation and extraordinary service. A business that stands for people.

ALIV promised a world-class network that would roll out across all the islands. ALIV promised to invest in communities groups, support local entrepreneurs, promote the proud Bahamian identity and to foster the education and the futures of Bahamian young people. This campaign celebrated how ALIV has kept their promise and how they look forward to continuing to do so in to the future.

And in Christmas 2018, we were again delighted to work with ALIV to create a beautiful campaign ‘Light up Christmas’, which aimed to connect the audience with excitement and wonder that a child feels at Christmas. We were proud to once again work with our local Bahamian production crew to make a fully-integrated through the line campaign that featured the uniqueness of the Bahamas, from music to cast, at its heart.

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