Case Study: Allianz

Fear v Courage

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We were tasked by Allianz to reposition the brand in Ireland, and drive sales. Not easy in a category that is notoriously commoditised.


The category tropes of reassurance and claim resolution are generic and not motivating. Those tropes also miss the central powerful truth, which is that insurance facilitates great feats of courage, from insuring the first woman to attempt a transatlantic solo flight to allowing your teenager to get behind the wheel of the car for the first time. To capture the role that Allianz could play in everyday feats of courage, we developed our insight ‘ Most insurance companies want you to live carefully, Allianz wants you to live fully.’


‘We Cover Courage’. To bring our new brand platform to life, we told the stories of Irish people who had epitomised the spirit of courage: Such as Donogh O’Malley who in 1966, had the courage to announce free education in Ireland without political sanction from his OWN party; and Ellen Keane, an Irish bronze medal winner at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, who Allianz proudly sponsors.

We supported the brand activity with an ongoing direct response campaign across digital and social channels focused on recognisable family moments of courage and followed up with a sponsorship specific FEAR V COURAGE campaign for the Allianz leagues.



Overall consideration for the Allianz brand and Home & Motor insurance increased significantly in a saturated category. As a result of the campaigns, we delivered a 10% increase in brand consideration and an 8% uplift in motor and home sales.

The Mission

Elevate Allianz beyond the commoditised, generic insurance category.

The Solution

Insurance is not about living carefully. It’s about living fully.

The impact

10% increase in brand consideration and an 8% uplift in motor and home sales.