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Frank and Honest

Helped Frank and Honest became the number 1 ‘on the go’ coffee brand in Ireland within it’s FIRST year. Honestly!


As Frank & Honest prepared to go to market in 2017, they asked us to help them become Ireland’s number one ‘on the go’ coffee brand within a year. Number 1?! This was a HUGE CHALLENGE. Facing stiff competition and famously discerning coffee consumers, we had to make it count.


We observed the Frank & Honest brand name connected not only to a product, but also to a consumer truth about Irish people: ‘go for a coffee’ is often code for ‘let’s talk’.

But, as we know, Irish people are bad at saying what we really mean.

We developed a brand platform ‘Be more Frank and Honest’. And our first outing with this platform was The Lie Detector Test.

We created a social video series where we used a real polygraph machine to interview a couple, a mother and daughter and best friends, using their own personalised questions. Utilising an omnichannel strategy, the series was watched by over 7million people.


Our lie detector campaign drove a 30% increase brand awareness scores and an average 40% increase in sales volumes, compared with retailers’ pre-existing coffee offering.

A NEAR footfall attribution study showed that people who saw our ads went in-store 17% more often than those who didn’t.

But most importantly, at the end of year one, Frank and Honest was the number 1 ‘on the go’ coffee brand in Ireland. Job done.