Case Study: Guinness Storehouse

Helping the Home of Guinness

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What’s harder than getting to Number 1? Staying there! The Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s number one visitor attraction but maintaining this position in a market with a growing number of visitor attractions is challenging. The ask was simple, maintain and grow the Storehouse position.


For over a decade we’ve celebrated the vibrancy of the Storehouse experience by creating and delivering culturally relevant content and comms through a mix of brand campaigns, building highly engaged social communities, targeted paid media campaigns and digital experiences. This 360-degree comms platform and cohesive digital/social strategy have ensured the Storehouse has remained a must for every visitor to Dublin.


During our time working with Guinness Storehouse, we’ve seen visitor numbers grow from 1 million to 1.73 million per year. We have increased tickets sales by 45%, transactions by 41% and revenue by 62%, year-on-year. We continue to work with Storehouse on a global scale to maintain their position as Ireland’s top visitor destination as they enter their 20th year of business.