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Guinness Storehouse

What’s harder than getting to Number 1?
Staying there!


The Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s number one visitor attraction by a country mile. It was won awards as ‘best attraction in Europe’ and continues to be recognised as the most popular destination in the country. So what’s the problem? Well, how do you grow visits to an already hugely popular attraction?


For over a decade we’ve celebrated the Storehouse across brand campaigns, paid media, content creation, social and digital experiences like the Storehouse’s Instagram Wall.

Our familiarity with the brand has led us to a new, 360-degree comms platform and cohesive digital/social strategy for 2020 and beyond, with our focus on creating and delivering culturally relevant content.

The Guinness ethos that “advertising should be as good as our product” is our driving force and a high bar to reach.


In our time working with Guinness Storehouse we’ve seen visitor numbers grow from 1 million to 1.73 million per year.

On social, we increased website visits from Social by over 750% in 2018 when compared to H2 2017, becoming the second most successful paid channel at driving qualified traffic.

In the same period, we also increased tickets sales by 44.78%, transactions by 41.45% and revenue by 62.85, year-on-year. We continue to work with Storehouse on a global scale to maintain their position as Ireland’s top visitor destination as they enter their 20th year of business.