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All across Ireland family-run shops are getting squeezed. Our ‘Local Like You’ campaign for Londis set out to help the retailer regain its rightful place in the heart of the community. Speaking about the campaign, Per Pedersen, Global Creative Chairman at Grey New York, said “in the age of Amazon, it’s nice to know that there’s still a local grocery that never runs out of fake tan, deodorant and tissue on school disco nights. I hope Londis will always be there for the locals.”

Our approach? We drove the length and breadth of Ireland talking to shop owners. We trawled through their sales data. Something began to become clear: Each Londis shop was unique. We found that out that Kilkenny buys more dog food than cat food, odd for the county know for the Kilkenny Cats. We discovered that Longford buys the most marmalade, but the least amount of bread? What do they do with it?”

With these insights, we set about creating a TV and social campaign supported by a website where you could click on your county to see what you bought the most of. Feast your eyes and ears on the ads, and then have a little glance (you know you want to) at your OWN county to see what you bought!

The Londis ‘Local Like You’ campaign was instantly loved by retailers and their customers alike. It helped move the brand into a clear role in the lives of locals and reminded them what made the local shop great.
It is a multi-award winning campaign winning both ICAD and Kinsale Shark awards. It also won Best Advertising Campaign (Online/Digital) for BWG Foods at National Checkout Awards.

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