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A Micra comeback: doubling market share for an old classic


People make decisions emotionally, then justify them rationally. There are up to 8 stages in the car buying journey. And it’s our job for Nissan to keep them on our road, rather than turn off to complete their journey with another car. People used to visit a dealership up to 5 times before buying a car, these day it’s less than 2. The showroom is now the deal room. We needed to ensure that each Nissan model had its own journey with the consumer, from researching online right through to the showroom and post purchase. The Micra launch had it all.


For launch of the new Nissan Micra there was a serious problem around the ‘Pre-Awareness’ stage of the process. The new Micra was an incredible looking car, completely different from the old Micra. But perceptions couldn’t be worse around the Micra name. This is best summed up by a review of the previous launch: ‘No one ever aspired to owning a Micra. You just ended up with one if life didn’t go your way’.

But after driving the new Micra for a couple of weeks we realised this car was different. It challenged our perceptions of what the Micra could be. We knew that this was what we needed to focus on – gaining respect for the Micra name again.

‘NO MORE NICE CAR’ was born.

The concept was inspired by people’s preconceptions of the older Nissan Micra, and how these preconceptions resulted in it being prematurely judged as a car that should be cast aside. The all-new Nissan Micra, however, is not a car you should mess with; it’s a leader in style, technology and innovation — however we knew people’s perspectives would still need to be changed. We wanted to tell a story about defying preconceptions, in a way that Nissan Ireland had not done before.

Our ad showcases some amazing Irish talent, including Dermot Malone, an Irish commercial director and of course, the star Isabel Lehane – a taekwondo black belt who has competed for Ireland in European and World Championships.

A full nationwide campaign across the consumer journey resulted in Micra doubling its share from 5% to 10% and outperforming other European markets.


As a result of our optimised approach, Nissan Ireland have experienced a 106% growth in car registrations for Micra from website traffic, and 154% growth in lead generation YoY. No More Nice Car was awarded the 2018 ADFX Grand Prix for advertising effectiveness.