Apache Pizza delivers a world’s first-ever Augmented Reality St.Patrick’s Day Parade Game.

Apache Pizza’s Irish brand platform is ‘We love EXTRA”. To celebrate the return of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival after two years of pandemic restrictions and the new extra-long bank-holiday weekend, we created an Augmented Reality St. Patrick’s Day Parade game that you can play on top of your pizza box.

The game challenged players to help an Apache Pizza delivery person to dodge their way through the busy parade to deliver pizza on time. Players collected over 33,000 gold pizza coins in the game which could be traded for discounts on their next pizza order.

Our ‘Extra Parade Delivered’ game is uniquely Irish and is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It allowed everyone to enjoy the parade experience along with their favourite tasty pizza.

Using empty toy boxes to highlight the struggle many families living below the poverty line face.

2020. The most difficult year for charities. With traditional donation sources obliterated by the lockdown, it was vital that SVP connect the donor and the recipient in a motivating way for its annual Christmas appeal. 

So in December, we opened ‘The Empty Toy Shop.’ A pop-up shop filled with thousands of toy boxes. Each one of them empty, to represent a child who would be left empty-handed on Christmas morning.

Strategically located on Henry Street, one of Dublin’s busiest shopping streets, our goal was to engage Christmas shoppers at the moment they were buying presents for their loved ones. For every box bought in the shop, a donation would directly go towards a toy for a child in need.

Our empty boxes, which another agency client Smurfit Kappa volunteered to produce, were also placed in the windows of SVP charity shops across the country, with messaging reminding customers that every donation was a direct intervention.

Londis shopkeepers are locals. 

And locals know everything about their community. Every single thing!

What sets Londis apart is that it’s a nationwide chain of stores run by locals, for locals. By combining the traditional values and knowledge of their shopkeepers with a state-of-the-art distribution network, Londis ensure they always stock the things their customers want and need. Every item on display in a Londis shop is a display of local knowledge.

The new campaign, Overheard in Londis, reinforces the idea that Londis shopkeepers listen to the needs of their local communities and stock the shelves accordingly. It features Liam and Des, the Londis Duo, hard at work to ensure customers have everything they need.

Fighting Blindness are an Irish-based charity whose vision is to cure blindness, support people with sight loss and empower patients. They wanted to communicate an optimistic and hopeful message, informing the public that their investment in blindness research is working in generating new ways to restore people’s sight. 

Using simple conceptual illustrations, we developed a series of playful images that combined scientific icons with scenes illustrating the wonderful benefits that can come out of sight restoration treatment and gene therapy. 

Stargazing, visiting an art gallery or simply looking at nature; these simple activities we take for granted can be made possible through funding scientific research.

Being extra is an attitude that has generosity at its heart, it says I’m going to give it everything I’ve got and I’m not going to hold back.

It’s all about being fun, confident, unique, independent and secure in yourself.

With these TV spots we’re celebrating and highlighting Apache Pizza’s love for all things extra. Whether that’s living the extra way of life or giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy extra ingredients, extra flavours, and great new super extra pizzas.